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About CMN

Creative Minds Nurseries Ltd is a new, contemporary, forward looking enterprise. It specialises in creating the highest quality Montessori nurseries for children under the age of 5 years old. Our Ealing Green Montessori achieved "Outstanding" Ofsted rating at its first inspection. Our West Ealing Montessori Nursery achieved "Good" Ofsted rating at its first inspection in August 2016. 


A lot of care, dedication and planning are taken to prepare the learning environment in our nurseries. It is an essential ingredient for the successful development of the children. 


Our classrooms are a home away from home; full of friends with a cheerful atmosphere, a place where your child can be themselves. It is a place full of interesting and stimulating things to do, but, it is also a place where a child can take time out to be quiet if they want to. It is somewhere children can grow; knowing that they are special and that they belong. 


Maria Montessori, the creator of the Montessori ethos, realised that the child relies heavily on their environment for the sensorial impressions through which they gain a sense of the world in which they live in. The layout of the classroom reflects this, encouraging exploration, communication and the progress of relationships on all levels. Our dedication to quality of care and education for the children is the key. 


Maria Montessori was the first educator to produce child-sized tables and chairs, and the first educator to deem that children require cupboards and shelves at their own height. Our classrooms have been specially designed with children in mind. Children at CMN feel that the nursery room belongs to them rather than the teachers. Order is very important to the children in the Montessori way of learning and therefore at CMN we ensure that everything has its place and that all materials are kept neatly. We constantly adapt, creating materials that children are drawn to whilst removing those items in which they show no/little interest hence ensuring the resources provided meet the needs and wants of the children. At CMN children show us how the classroom should be prepared.


At CMN we are careful, meticulous and diligent in the recruiting process of our staff. Our staff team consists of well qualified, experienced teachers including graduates, Montessori teachers and EYPs. All staff are vetted thoroughly and inducted robustly. Staff at CMN are both calm and measured interacting with children in the nursery with a discreet and sensible manner. They are responsive to the needs of individual children and they ensure that children at any time do not become bored or upset. Their vigilance is maintained in a low-key manner so the children do not feel as if they are being policed. Staff are pleasant and polite always showing respect to the children. Children needs are listened to sincerely and answered thoughtfully and courteously. 


At CMN we believe that children benefit most from early years education when their parents and settings work together in partnership. Our aim is to support parents as their children’s first and most important educators by constantly involving them in their children’s education. Our parent-created ‘Parent Group’ demonstrates this perfectly. 


The main aim of the Parent Group is to forge closer links between CMN and parents and carers in order to encourage the development of friendships between the children.  Some of the activities of Parent Parliament are to plan social occasions, organise fundraising events and send regular newsletters to its members. 


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