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French Lessons (Daily at WEMN)

Young children have the ability to absorb a language easily, as they show learning their mother tongue. Through a similar language learning process they learn French effortlessly and acquire a good accent. Learning a second language early in life, not only makes you become more proficient in that language but it also enriches overall mental development. French is taught to the children through play, using a wide variety of our stimulating language activities. The lessons are planned around a diversity of themes and projects, which are practical, interesting and…..great fun! It is also an exposure to another culture. We hope your children will enjoy learning French with us.

Computer Lessons – “CLICK IT”, technology and learning for your preschool child (Weekly)

ICT is now part of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for all 3-5 year olds. Learning IT skills with CLICK IT will give them an excellent head start for when they leave nursery school to go to Primary School. In addition, the sessions will help to increase their concentration skills and general all round confidence.

“Click It” offers affordable and stimulating computer learning lessons at our nurseries.

“Click It” aims at:

· Teaching IT skills to your pre-school child

· Introducing children to technology and learning!

· Providing challenging but fun educational activities every week.

· Providing individual attention for every child based on groups of 3 children to 1 tutor for every 25 minutes lesson.

· Building all round confidence.

Please check for further information.

Cooking Class (Weekly)

Our weekly cooking classes are a fun way to introduce your child to the enjoyment that can come from cooking. Children are encouraged to taste, feel, and smell the ingredients. We make from savory dishes to sweet desserts that are easy and fun to cook. We teach children about healthy eating and good hygiene. Some of the interesting food items we have cooked are bread sticks, fresh bread, cakes, fruit salad, fajitas, sandwiches, Indian bread, pancakes and lots more.

Science Is Fun (Weekly)

Science projects offer preschool children an interactive approach to learn about the world around them. Using projects to teach science makes learning more interesting and sparks the natural curiosity of preschoolers. Science explorations exist in many aspects of everyday life.

When done right, preschool science is exciting and intellectually meaningful. The right preschool science activities can:

• nurture your child’s natural sense of adventure and curiosity

• help your child develop his own understanding of the natural world

• encourage your child to be a persistent problem solver, and

• introduce your child to basic elements of scientific reasoning (seeking evidence; testing predictions)

Some of the popular science experiments enjoyed by our children are:

· Sinking & Floating

· Using Magnets

· Exploring with air

· Volcano

· Mixing water & colors

· Mixing oil and water

· Heavy & light

· Dark & Light

· Shadows and many more…

Let's make theatre (Weekly)

Come and join Mr. Jollysocks and find out what story has been made in the Story Factory today!

Mr. Jollysocks the puppet owns a puppet theatre, known amongst friends as The Story Factory. A magical place where wonderful stories are made. There’s just one problem. Mr. Jollysocks and his Story Factory are always disappearing! To the seaside, the forest, or even the deepest depths of the jungle, where Mr. Jollysocks and his Story Factory will be, nobody knows!

Each week the children step into the Magical Imagination Machine and follow Lauren on an adventure to find Mr. Jollysocks and his Story Factory. Once the Story Factory has been found the children are met by the puppet, Mr. Jollysocks, who will open up his factory for a different interactive story each week.

Paradise Yoga

Our weekly yoga sessions have helped children to be calm and focussed in the classroom. Each session includes traditional yoga sequences:

* Warm-up exercises

* Breathing techniques

* Asana (postures)

* Partner Asanas

* Relaxation and calming exercises

Paradise Yoga takes the process one step further by adapting the language, props, songs and length of the session to the age of the children involved.

Younger children are able to respond to child friendly props like puppets and songs written for them. Older children enjoy the non-competitive nature of yoga session that enables them to re-focus on their own needs. They respond to more sophisticated language and instructions.

The result is a magical combination that works wonders in the classroom.

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