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Parents Corner

Parent Group

When your child joins Creative Minds Nurseries, you and your family become a part of our 'Parent Group'. The objective of the Parent Group is to support and initiate activities and events to promote the children’s learning and their experiences. It also helps to foster cooperation and promote good relations between the nursery and the parents. Parents are able to meet each other and promote freindship between children too. During the past year, Parent Group has successfully organised social events like Sports Day, parent socials and fund raising events supporting several charities like “Millennium Seed Bank”, "Tropical Zoo", "Walpole Friend", "P.E.S.T.S" and "Home Start". Termly letters from Parent Group will keep you posted with the recent events organised by the group in your nursery. 

Being a parent means creating a loving, safe environment for your child to grow from a baby to a toddler, right through to the teenage years. You'll need different skills for each stage, but at all times your child will depend on you. You'll become the expert on your child and on what they need to grow into happy and healthy adults.

Loving your child, with no strings attached, is the most important thing you can do. But you'll also have to make a huge number of decisions about the best way to bring up your child. This responsibility can bring joy and excitement, but at the same time it can also be overwhelming, stressful and bit of a mystery.

There is no magical formula to being a good parent. But there are some golden rules that can help get the best from our children whatever their age. In the following pages of website you will find information about some of the aspects of parenting to help your child grow into an amazing human being. 

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